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Welcome to Hearing Health. We are Portland’s #1 rated Hearing Aid Provider, in Raleigh Hills. From the latest hearing aid technology to comprehensive hearing evaluations and assistive listening devices – if you need to hear better, we can help you.

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At Hearing Health, we follow the Professional Practices and Protocols recommended by the Better Hearing Institute, International Hearing Society and American Academy of Audiology. We take no shortcuts because we believe everyone deserves the best.

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The most complete, informative and respectful hearing care available, without exception. We believe everyone deserves the best.

  • Free comprehensive and informative hearing evaluation and instrument selection process.
  • 3 Speech Tests, Loudness Discomfort, Dead Regions & more.
  • Precision Fitting using Digital Real Ear Measure & Live Speech Mapping
  •  Three follow-up visits in the first month to support your rehabilitation & success.
  •  Hearing Rehabilitation Program & Support.

Hearing Loss impacts everyone around us!

Involving family members, even friends and co-workers, dramatically increases a person’s odds of success with hearing aids.  AND, it contributes to everyone’s satisfaction and happiness.

At Hearing Health we strongly encourage all interested parties to attend the hearing evaluation and consultation.  We’ve found that the more people understand hearing loss and the technology for correcting it, the greater the odds communication and relationships improve.

“How can I support a loved one to seek help?”

We get asked this question a lot.  At Hearing Health we specialize in coaching people to lovingly and respectfully support a loved one to seek help for their hearing impairment.

We’ll work with you, at no cost, to make the difference you’re committed to making with the people you love and care about.

We look forward to supporting you in making that difference.

Hearing loss is a very serious problem that affects the lives of about 48 million Americans. Many people are suffering from hearing loss, but they just don’t know it yet. It happens gradually over time and can be almost impossible to detect before it is too late. In today’s world of noisy traffic, loud concerts and raucous sports fans, it is more important than ever to protect your hearing. We are constantly surrounded by noise. From mowing the lawn to working on an assembly line, experiencing loud noise on a regular basis can really start to add up and will eventually result in hearing loss. At Hearing Health we understand the importance of protecting your ears.

At Hearing Health, we offer hearing aid repair services for all brands and models.  If you’re having problems with your hearing aids, bring them into our Portland hearing center and we can determine the problem and work to fix it right away!

Testimonials and Reviews from Hearing Health customers

Jane A.

I’m very pleased that I chose Hearing Health and Duane Smelser. He greeted me with courtesy, respect, friendliness and a good understanding of my hearing needs.

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Emily P.

It has survived not only five centuries, but also the leap into electronic typesetting, remaining popularised only five Power of centuries.

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Jim B.

I’ve been to numerous audiologist’s and never had as positive an experience as I did with Duane at Hearing Health. I walked out with my aids cleaned and a completely different hearing experience after his Prescriptive Fitting Process. He took the time to explain what others failed to. When time for new hearing aids, I’ll be going to Hearing Health.

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Peggy L.

With Duane’s support and guidance, my husband now has hearing aids you can hardly see. He now enjoys concerts, dining out, social situations and conversations with me. I got my husband back.

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