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Assistive Listening Devices

There are many technologies for connecting the hearing impaired to the world.  Our hearing aid specialists are experts in helping people find the most appropriate devices to enhance their satisfaction with hearing aids everywhere they go in their life.

Induction Loops (also known as Hearing Loops) are one of the most effective ways to bring clear, noise-free sound to Churches, Concert Halls, Movie Theaters, Sports Stadiums, Museums, Airports, Mass Transit Systems and other public venues.

CaptionCall phones allow a person greater comprehension through seeing what is spoken on a screen while listening to the caller.  They are available FREE to Oregon residents.

CaptionCall Phone Systems

CaptionCall is a revolutionary and innovative new phone that is meant to help people with hearing loss listen to phone calls with ease and confidence. At Hearing Health, we’re excited to offer CaptionCall phone systems for $75 to our clients in Oregon who have moderate to severe hearing loss.

CaptionCall uses voice recognition software and a transcribing service to deliver written captions of phone conversations. Everything that is said during a phone conversation will appear on the sizable and easy-to-read screen. CaptionCall phones also come complete with complex sound and frequency settings that allow people to customize their phone to fit their own unique hearing specifications.

caption-call-portland oregon

CaptionCall systems are provided for $75 to anyone with a medically recognized hearing disability. The service is paid for by a small tax that all American residents pay on their monthly phone bills, called the Interstate Telecommunications Relay Service fund.

Hearing Health is one of the only distributors of CaptionCall phone systems in the Portland, Beaverton, Raleigh Hills and Tigard areas. We are excited to be able to give these systems to our clients for so that they can confidently listen to callers and make calls with confidence and clarity. Contact us today for more information.

Hearing Loop Systems

Hearing Health is proud to be the voice for bringing this technology to Oregon. We started the Let’s Loop Oregon initiative in partnership with the Hearing Loss Association of Oregon.

We do not sell these systems ourselves, but we do provide interested parties everything they need, including qualified installers to have a Hearing Loop in their facility.

Hearing Loops are the lowest cost, highest sound quality, listening technology for churches, airports, public buildings, conference rooms, and homes where the hearing impaired can directly connect to sermons, announcements, speeches, music or any sounds they need to hear clearly.

Induction loops are the most simple, yet most effective way for people with hearing aids to get clear sound in difficult listening environments. They are common place in most public buildings in Michigan, Wisconsin, New York, and Europe.


At Hearing Health, we carry an assortment of useful assistive listening devices that are designed to make life easier for people living with hearing loss. We are committed to doing anything in our power to improve the livesof our clients who suffer from impaired hearing.

Univox is a company that specializes in designing and developing hearing loops. They designed the world’s first constant current loop amplifier in 1969, and haven’t looked back since. A hearing loop is a wire that surrounds a room and connects to a sound system. The sound from the system is transmitted electromagnetically through the wire, or loop. Hearing aids and cochlear implants have special receptors called telecoils that can pick up the sound from the loop and deliver it directly to someone’s ear.

hearing loops

No company makes hearing loop amplifiers as powerful as the ones that Univox produces. Their hearing loops are guaranteed to produce clear, audible sound in any event or situation, no matter how much background noise is present. Univox sets the standards for hearing loops, and they are committed to producing the highest quality loops in the world.

We at Hearing Health are excited to be able to offer our clients in the Portland, Tigard, Raleigh Hills and Beaverton areas with Univox hearing loop systems. Their hearing loops will enhance the usability of any hearing aid.  Contact us today for more information.

Contacta Hearing Loop Systems

contacta hearing loop


Contacta is a company dedicated to bringing sharp and audible sound to those who suffer from hearing impairments by using induction (hearing) loop systems.

There are many situations where background noise can interfere with someone’s hearing aid and affect their functionality. In these situations, it can be hard for a person to communicate and understand what someone is saying. Contacta aims to eliminate these annoying and frustrating communication problems.

Not many people know what hearing loops are, or that the vast majority of hearing aids are built with telecoils that are specifically made to be used with hearing loop systems. Contacta is committed to bringing hearing loops into the mainstream. They have established hearing loop systems in many customer service venues, such as ticket counters, banks and grocery stores as well as large venues with lots of background noise, such as stadiums and auditoriums.

People with hearing loss can sometimes have a very hard time hearing properly in the venues listed above. They present challenging background noise situations that most hearing aids just won’t work well in. By installing hearing loop systems in these venues, we are giving people with hearing aids the ability to hear clear, uninterrupted sound in any and every environment.

Hearing Health is a licensed distributor of Contacta hearing loop systems. We gladly provide Contacta products to our clients living in the Portland, Raleigh Hills, Beaverton and Tigard areas.  Contact us today for more information.

Custom Ear Protection & Musician’s Monitors

Most hearing loss is preventable if one is willing to wear hearing protection.

Musicians, Swimmers, Marksmen, Hunters, Woodsmen, Factory Workers, Law Enforcement, Weekend Warriors, Duck/Beaver Fans and anyone who values their hearing.

Etymotic Hearing Products

etymotic portland orEtymotic was founded in 1983 with the goal of developing products that provide accurate hearing, protect against hearing loss and improve the listening experiences of musicians and music fans all over the world.

The company has produced many useful hearing products over the last three decades. Hearing health professionals, the hearing-impaired and musicians have all come to rely on Etymotic for the sound-enriching products they manufacture.

Etymotic manufactures top quality headsets and earphones that are unmatched in quality. Etymotic’s earphones are often sought after by professional music developers and audio engineers for the superior sound quality they deliver. They also produce a multitude of protective earplugs that are aimed at the conservation of hearing. The company has also manufactured hearing aid products as well as hearing testing products that can provide extremely accurate hearing diagnoses.

At Hearing Health we are proud to carry Etymotic products. Both of our companies share a similar philosophy about hearing technology. We both believe that improving technology will lead to improvement in the lives of people who suffer from hearing loss.

Westone Hearing Equipment

westone portland oregonWestone was founded in 1959 in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The company has earned recognition by manufacturing superior products for the protection and enhancement of hearing in a wide range of different industries.

Westone creates custom-fitting earplugs that are excellent for preserving hearing in extremely loud environments. The company has even worked with the Air Force to create the worlds most advanced earplugs that can effectively protect hearing in some of the loudest environments on earth, such as inside the cockpit of an F-22.

The company also makes custom-fitting earplugs for musicians and music lovers that are adept at preventing hearing loss. Anyone who works in a noisy environment can benefit from wearing Westone earplugs. They also create sleek and high-tech earphones that are customized to comfortably fit in anyone’s ear and highly regarded by musicians.

Westone also manufactures products that are used by hearing health professionals all over the globe such as hearing aid batteries, clinical supplies, hearing testing equipment and stethoscopes and many, many more.

Westone continues to maintain its position at the forefront of hearing technology by focusing on research and development and by working closely with hearing health specialists.