Are Two Hearing Aids Better Than One?

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Duane L. Smelser

Are two hearing aids better than one? This is a common question asked by most people with hearing loss. Most ask if they can use one hearing aid instead of two. Somehow this can be an economic decision.
Most love the idea of acquiring one hearing aid. Another group assumes that their hearing loss is not that severe to warrant two hearing aids. Others think that their condition is unequal between ears, therefore, settling for the idea of buying one hearing aid.

Well, in almost all cases, it’s not advisable to treat hearing loss with one hearing aid. A significant number of patients with hearing loss respond well when having two hearing aids. Let’s expand more on the benefits of wearing two hearing aids instead of one.

Benefits of utilizing two hearing aids

Many patients with hearing loss experience a wide range of benefits when they operate on two hearing aids. Some of these benefits are:

Advanced sound localization

Two hearing aids provide better comprehension and location of sound and speech. One of the significant benefits of two aids is allowing the wearer to localize sounds accurately. The gadgets also assist patients in determining the direction of sounds.

Clinically, when wearing one hearing aid, the wearer experiences challenges to determine the direction of sounds. They find it more challenging to localize sounds in crowded and noisy backgrounds. In contrast, with two hearing aids, wearers can source the directions of the sound and also be able to respond accordingly.

Reduction of competitive background noises

Background noises are a nightmare for individuals with hearing loss. Noisy environments make it more challenging to comprehend and hear sounds and speech.

Modern hearing aids have been modeled in various designs to attempt to battle this effect. Today’s aids are more sophisticated, with impressive hardware and software.

The effect of this technology is fantastic. Hearing aid wearers can listen to speech and sounds crisply clear, even in noisy and crowded environments. Traditional hearing aids were mostly baffled in such situations.

This amazing effect is somehow limited when wearing one hearing aid. This is because the brain is specifically wired to receive sound from both ears. This way, it can comprehend sounds and speech. When only one ear is being utilized, the brain is not able to perceive the sounds since there is a lot of interference. This impedes understanding.

In such a situation, the brain will be forced to work the extra mile to comprehend what other people are saying leading to listening fatigue and more difficulty when conversing. However, the situation is different when having two hearing aids.

Reduced auditory deprivation

Just like all your body muscles, the hearing ability depends on how much it’s being utilized (exercised). Patients that only use one hearing aid deprive the other ear of the stimulation. Over time this practice can worsen the condition.

Auditory deprivation occurs to all those that utilize one hearing aid and also those that neglect to seek treatment and acquire hearing aids. When the ear is deprived of exercise (auditory signals) it may reduce its ability to hear speech and sounds effectively. This can only worsen hearing loss. In most cases, it becomes a permanent condition. You should seek treatment if you have this problem.

Wearing two hearing aids solves the effects of auditory deprivation and can assist your ears to have a full recovery.

Reduce Hearing aid volume

One of the most significant drawbacks of utilizing one hearing aid is having to listen to it at higher volumes. All the background noises and other unwanted sounds become more nagging.

Most patients that utilize one hearing aid have reported listening to high and uncomfortable volumes. Most of the time, they feel as if they are being shouted at by the people they are conversing with.

Listening to high volumes is unhealthy. It creates more problems, especially with gain and feedback. The hearing aid microphone tends to pick up a different amplified signal.

The use of two hearing aids is beneficial. It allows the wearer to listen to comfortable volumes. Also, it reduces the adverse effects of high gain and feedback. With a pair of hearing aids, both ears are amplified. Background sounds and noise no longer become a bother.

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