Best Hearing Aids for Tinnitus

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Duane L. Smelser

Best Hearing Aids for Tinnitus

One in five Americans suffer from tinnitus. That’s a lot of people with ringing in their ears. So its no surprise that many hearing aid manufacturers have begun to offer specific solutions for tinnitus relief. Here are the various products that our manufacturers provide to treat tinnitus.



Built into many of their hearing aids including the Pure™, Ace™, Carat™ and Aquarius™ models, Siemens have created a noise generator with four pre-programmed therapy signals: white noise, pink noise, speech noise and high tone noise. You can fine-tune this program to find noise that relieves your tinnitus the most.



Signia’s entire line of hearing aids offer a comprehensive built-in solution for tinnitus sufferers. They have a separate therapy signal creator that creates the soothing tones. This can be mixed with the hearing aid function or used individually. Sounds are included which are reminiscent of the ocean waves, triggering calm and relieving stress. There are also five pre-programmed static sounds and 20 bands of customizable static therapy signals.



Oticon offers a fully customizable tinnitus program that addresses the specific needs of the tinnitus sufferer. IT is much more sophisticated than a simple white noise generator. Called SoundSupport, it offers 3 types of static noise including red noise, which sounds like rushing water. They reduce higher frequency sounds (which are common in the tinnitus sufferer) by up to 6 decibels. There is also the option of a range of ocean sounds from soothing to dynamic.

These solutions are fully customizable to suit the environment you are in. A function called automatic steering detects the sound level of your environment and adjusts the tinnitus relief to suit. , Ocean 3, for example, is automatically lowered when outside sounds are loud enough by themselves to provide relief from tinnitus. Individuals interested in SoundSupport can find the feature in Oticon’s Alta2 Pro Ti, Nera2 Pro Ti and Ria2 Pro Ti hearing aids.

Oticon also provides a free tinnitus sound app, which enables users to add sounds from their music library, and offers even more relieving sounds.


GN ReSound

Another company to offer an app-based solution is GN ReSound. Their ReSound Relief™ app is a great as part of a wider tinnitus management program. Offering a mixture of sound therapy and relaxation exercises, it provides the perfect distraction.

A timer is provided so users can fall asleep to their favorite sounds, and those who like to mix it up can layer up to 5 different sounds together to create their own unique soundscape.

Resound products also include Multiflex Tinnitus Technology, a built-in tinnitus management solution. It uses a ‘best fit’ algorithm to align set the level of relief to suit the audiogram of the wearer. 24 bands of frequency adjustments facilitate further customization.



Phonak offers a multi-layered approach of tinnitus management. Called the Balance Portfolio, it includes a set of Phonak Tinnitus Balance hearing aids; a noise generator and a smartphone app. Users can choose the systems that suit their needs. The built-in noise generator can be found in their Audéo™ Q, Audéo V and Bolero™ V hearing aids. It reduces stress and brings relief.  A feature included in all models is the Tinnitus Balance noise generator that aims to mask the sound of tinnitus, reducing its impact on daily life. Finally, the Phonak Tinnitus Balance app allows you to combine your therapy sounds with your favorite music and comes with a timer to aid bedtime tinnitus management.



The flagship tinnitus hearing aid made by Unitron is the Moxi Kiss. A slim and discreet device, it is the ideal solution for those who suffer from tinnitus. Unitron’s tinnitus masker is a noise generator, which provides resonances that rouse the auditory system.



Offering a more holistic method of relief, Widex calls its tinnitus programme Zen Therapy. It showcases four facets for management: Counseling brain to change a negative reaction to tinnitus using cognitive behavioral therapy, methods to reduce overcompensation and reduce the need to increase the volume of sound relief, Fractal tones which relax users and provide musical stimulation, and a sleep management programme. It is designed to reduce the overall reliance on technological solutions, enabling the wearer to manage their tinnitus even when the batteries have run out.


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