Can Hearing Aids Be

Can Hearing Aids Be “Stylish”?

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Duane L. Smelser

Duane's personal and professional life has been about making a difference in the quality of people’s lives. After 15 years as a Team Building and Communication Consultant to organizations,his wife Donna introduced him to the idea of being a Hearing Instrument Specialist.The more he explored this profession, the more he saw an opportunity to make a profound difference with people and families.
Duane L. Smelser

Hearing aids might not be at the top of your list of fashion forward accessories, and you may think that all hearing devices are clunky and cumbersome. The device you might be picturing was probably made 20 years ago, and while early hearing aids were helping people hear, they’re a far cry from modern hearing technology. Have you been avoiding looking after your hearing health because you don’t think you’ll find stylish hearing aids? This couldn’t be further from the truth, and at Hearing Health Portland we have hearing aids you’ll be excited to put on every morning.


Acknowledging Hearing Loss

If you’ve been struggling to hear, you’ve probably avoided acknowledging that you have hearing loss, both to yourself and to others. You don’t want to admit that you’ve been straining to hear, and think that having hearing loss will make you seem old. You’d rather avoid social events, and stay in the quiet of your own living room than acknowledge your hearing loss. Of the nearly 40 million Americans with hearing loss, 2 in 3 don’t seek treatment for their hearing loss but continue to live in a world that’s slowly going silent.

Hearing loss affects people of all ages, from seniors to adults, teenagers and even children. Today more than ever before, people experience hearing loss at younger ages, as we live and work in extremely noisy places and have unsafe listening practices, blasting music right into our ears, going to loud sports venues without hearing protection, or spending an evening in the bar where you have to yell to be heard by the person right beside you. These activities all damage hearing health, and admitting that you need help doesn’t have anything to do with your age.


Can Hearing Aids be “Stylish”?

You might not think that hearing aids can be stylish, but before you judge, take the time to check out some of the latest hearing technology. Modern devices are sleek and sophisticated, and feature programs that will make you think they’re from the future. Whatever your age, you’ll find the device that fits your style, and gives you clear hearing in every environment. Looking for a behind the ear device? These hearing aids hug the back of your ear, and are hard to spot. Want the ultimate in discretion? You can get devices that sit in the ear, or even in the ear canal. Some sit so far into the ear canal that they’re actually invisible!

Hearing aids come in a wide array of colors to match your skin or hair, and if you don’t want anyone to know you have devices, you can easily hide them. But if you fall in love with your new hearing aids and want to show them off, you can choose from a selection of bright colors that will add a pop of color to your outfit, express your personality, and show off your ability to hear clearly.


Modern Hearing Aids

Modern hearing aids are light years ahead of what you’re probably imagining. Their slender, ergonomic shapes are elegant and appealing, and they’re extremely powerful and versatile. Many devices are controlled by a smartphone app, so you’ll never need to fiddle with your devices when you want to change between programs or adjust the settings. You can choose devices with full connectivity, allowing you to stream audio from your phone, computer, TV, or any other Bluetooth enabled device, right to your ears, allowing you to connect with the technology you use the most.

Have you been struggling to hear in places with a lot of background noise? Hearing aids have been proven to provide better hearing in complex listening environments than someone with natural hearing! With directionality microphones, speech enhancement, and background noise reduction, you’ll be able to focus on what you want to hear, and hear it clearly.


Treating Hearing Loss

If you’re ready to find the stylish hearing aid that’s right for you, visit us today at Hearing Health in Portland. We’ll test your hearing to find out more about your unique hearing needs, and suggest the devices that will work the best for you, giving you the best in comfort, functionality, and style. Get back to hearing all the sounds around you, having great conversations with your loved ones, enjoying music, and feeling young again.

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