Common Excuses for Not Buying Hearing Aids

By: | Tags: | Comments: 0 | May 17th, 2020

Duane L. Smelser

If you have ever noticed a time when you struggled to hear but others seemed to be doing okay, more likely than not you have some form of hearing loss. Particularly in our aging years, the gradual process of hearing loss affects nearly everyone. With the remarkable technological advances available, why do so many people avoid getting the hearing aids they need?

The excuses for not buying hearing aids have a wide range, from the practical to the deeply psychological. Let’s take a look at a few of the common reasons one-by-one to identify if you are letting one of these get in the way of your own health and happiness. Hearing aids are not a perfect solution for everyone, but the vast majority find that they meaningfully improve the ability to hear when it is most needed, particularly in conversations and as you go through your day. Don’t let one of these common excuses keep you from reaping the rewards that hearing aids have in store for you.

“I don’t really need hearing aids.”

Although you might not think you have hearing loss, much of our declining ability to hear goes undetected. Over the years, the tiny hair-like cells of our inner ears can become damaged by the regular exposure to sound. Without the ability to blink our ears, that inundation of sound is constant from birth until the end of life, so it is remarkable that we’re able to preserve hearing ability as long as we can. However, many people find ways to work around their hearing loss, whether that means asking people to repeat themselves, ignoring questions that you couldn’t understand, or turning up the television to a loud volume. If any of these sound familiar to you, you likely have hearing loss that could benefit from hearing aids.

“Hearing aids are more trouble than they’re worth.”

Perhaps you’ve seen a person fumbling with hearing aids, trying to change a battery or change the volume level on an older set of aids. Indeed, those who have arthritis or challenges with manual dexterity can have trouble with very tiny hearing aids, but the right coupling of hearing aid models to your individual needs should mean that they are no hassle at all. Although all hearing aids require basic maintenance and care, they tend to be rather self-sufficient, and the latest models even come equipped with smartphone app controls to set the right volume rather than fumbling with them by hand. Some of them even come equipped with Bluetooth compatibility to sync with your phone, music player, or television. The convenience they bring to your life might easily outweigh the challenges.

“I’m too young to need hearing aids.”

Statistics show a remarkable increase in hearing loss among younger generations. Many attribute these higher rates of hearing loss to “recreational sound” whether that comes from exposure to speakers at sporting events, live music venues, or nightclubs, or the use of earbuds and headphones at too loud a level for too long a time. With what we know about these statistics, it is likely that hearing loss is affecting people at a younger age than ever, making hearing aids appropriate not only for elderly people. The bigger issue is that hearing aids are not just for old people, but they are designed to help anyone who has hearing loss. If you know that you have hearing loss but worry that you’re not old enough to need them, don’t let your perception of age get in the way of the help you deserve.

“Hearing aids aren’t worth it.”

Ultimately only you can decide if hearing aids are worth the cost, but most people who take the plunge are thrilled by the results. Not only can hearing aids raise the general volume of your world, they are tailored to improve speech recognition and to make conversations possible where they once were difficult. The benefits of getting hearing aids do not stop there, and many people feel a relief of anxiety, depression, and social isolation. They have even been correlated with cognitive health and lower rates of dementia. Before you decide that hearing aids aren’t for you, why not contact us to find out more?

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