Conductive Hearing Loss: Signs, Causes, and Treatments

Conductive Hearing Loss: Signs, Causes, and Treatments

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Duane L. Smelser

Duane's personal and professional life has been about making a difference in the quality of people’s lives. After 15 years as a Team Building and Communication Consultant to organizations,his wife Donna introduced him to the idea of being a Hearing Instrument Specialist.The more he explored this profession, the more he saw an opportunity to make a profound difference with people and families.
Duane L. Smelser

Sound passes through the outer ear, the middle and the ear canal. The passage of sounds may be blocked leading to conductive hearing loss. This blockage mostly occurs either in the middle ear or in the ear canal. When this occurs, the levels of sound in the inner ear are reduced specifically through the cochlea. Hearing health is of ultimate importance. You should visit the doctor in case you suspect you may be having symptoms of an infection in your ears; this ensures that your hearing health is achieved.

Causes of conductive hearing loss

Otosclerosis is one of the main causes of this condition. This means that the body tissues specifically in the ear harden abnormally. This abnormal hardening causes an abnormal bone to grow within the middle ear. This abnormal growth affects the sound travelling from the middle ear to the inner ear. This condition has been reported to affect about three million American citizens most of them being middle aged women of the white race. It is hereditary meaning there is a likely hood of getting the condition if a close relative had it.

Wax accumulation within the ear canal is causes it therefore one should clean their ears regularly to prevent this. However, cleaning with a sharp object may cause harm rather than good. An ear infection such as otitis media, which affects the middle ear due to accumulation of fluids in the middle ear, is a major cause. The chances of this occurring increases when these infections occur and they are not treated. Untreated hearing loss is very common to people who have ear infections and do not seek treatment. Untreated hearing loss should not occur because there are treatments such as antibiotics to prevent further loss from occurring.

Chronic infections can be prevented by seeking treatment earlier enough. Benign tumors also cause this condition. Growths such cholesteatoma prevent sound transfer from the outer ear to the middle ear. However, treatment to remove the tumor through surgery corrects the problem. Patients are also given medicine to reduce the growth process of the tumor.

There are tubes known as Eustachian tubes that may fill with fluid inhibiting their functionality. This fluid buildup may be caused by a cold or flu. Conductive hearing loss can be caused when these tubes do not drain secretions as they are supposed. These tubes are also responsible for air pressure regulation that may be affected by fluid buildup. Allergies that occur often also cause this because they may affect the middle ear. Some people are born with malformations in the structures of the ear canal, outer ear and middle ear. This malformation may lead to this problem.

Children if not watched carefully also put foreign materials such as grains or fragments of toys that they play with in the ears causing blockage.

Symptoms of conductive hearing loss

Some people experience pain in their ears especially caused by infections within the middle ear. This is because these infections cause pressure to the middle ear. This pressure may cause a sensation on either of the ears. Others have reported that they sensed their voice sounded different yet that was not the case. If someone experiences this, they may be suffering from the condition. A strange odor can also indicate this condition especially if you have been cleaning your ears yet the odor is persistent. One may also notice that it is easier to hear from one ear than the other a clear indication to see the doctor because you may be having this condition.

Treating Conductive Hearing Loss

If the loss is caused by wax buildup, cleaning the ears is the best remedy. This is done by use of removal tools such as extractors and syringes by a doctor who is familiar with this condition. Surgical treatment is also used especially in the case of tumors that need to be removed to remove the blockage. Medical procedure also treats these growths and infections that common. This is by use of amoxillin. Hearing aids are used to correct this condition when medical and surgical treatments have not worked fully. Hearing aids work as sound transmitters. Treating hearing loss for children is important to prevent it from becoming permanent. Treating hearing loss is determined by the severity of the problem. Contact us today!

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