Musicians' Concerns with Hearing Loss

Musicians’ Concerns with Hearing Loss

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Duane L. Smelser

Hearing loss affects millions of Americans, and if you’re struggling to hear, you’re not the only one. Has hearing loss been affecting your job performance or making conversations difficult? Do you work in a sector where hearing is extremely important, either to communicate with coworkers or clients, or to keep you and your team safe on the jobsite? If you’re a musician or artist, hearing loss is affecting far more than your ability to communicate with loved ones. It’s jeopardizing your job and keeping you from enjoying the music you used to love.


The Power of Music

Whether you’re a musician or just a music lover, you know that music can be very powerful. It can calm you down before bed, get you pumped up at the gym, or keep you entertained on your commute to the office. It has the power to recall a favorite memory, transport you to a significant moment in your life, or remind you of your loved ones. Music has huge impact on our lives, but if you have hearing loss, you might have lost this connection in your life. With hearing loss, music can sound thin or empty, and when you can’t hear the overtones or undertones in the music due to hearing loss, it loses it’s full, rich sound, and what you hear won’t be anything like the music you used to love.


Musicians’ Concerns with Hearing Loss

Hearing loss affects many musicians. Music can be extremely loud, and if you play an instrument, the source of the sound is right beside your ear. At concerts or in the recording studio, sounds often reach unsafe levels, and not all musicians are conscious of their hearing health. Musicians are exposed to dangerously loud sounds every day, and don’t always take the proper steps to protect their hearing health.

A recent study in the Journal of the American Academy of Audiology looked at how music loss affects musicians, and discussed musicians’ concerns with hearing loss. Researchers looked at hearing loss in instrumentalists who played percussion, wind, brass, and string instruments. The musicians with hearing loss struggled to hear during rehearsals, weren’t able to hear instructions and corrections from the conductor, and didn’t enjoy the quality of the music as much as the musicians with clear hearing.


Treating Hearing Loss for Musicians

Modern hearing aids are sophisticated pieces of technology that help those with hearing loss hear in every situation. They help you focus on speech sounds, and reduce background noise. They restore communication, and make it easy to interact with friends and loved ones, whether in the quiet of your own living room, or out at a restaurant or bar.

For musicians with hearing loss, hearing aids need to do far more than helping them communicate, and their job depends on their ability to hear clearly. Hearing aids for musicians allow them to hear the subtle sounds in the environment, and connect with the music they love. Special programs and settings for music performance and music listening give music it’s rich, full sound, and maintain the balance of the music, so not only can they hear the conductor during rehearsals, they’re also able to connect with their own music in a new way, and this the other musicians in the ensemble. Hearing devices for musicians gives them back the joy of music and protects their careers.


Hearing Health Portland

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