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Summertime Care for Your Hearing Aids

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It’s summer in the city! Here in Portland, summer time is awesome, but the warmer temps and outdoor elements could bring a few hazards to your hearing aids. Watch out for heat and humidity when caring for your hearing aids. Luckily, the rising temperatures do not necessarily have to spell disaster for your hearing aids – as long as you take extra precautions in caring for them.

In addition to the regular care and maintenance you provide for your hearing aids, there are a few important things to keep in mind during summertime.

Watch Out for Water & Moisture!

If you have waterproof hearing aids, ignore this section. But for most of us, water and moisture are the archenemies of our hearing aids. As with most electronics, moisture can find its way into your hearing aids and harm their delicate mechanical components.

Before going into a pool or jumping through the sprinklers, be sure to remove your hearing aids and place them in a safe, dry place. If you’re an active person often in environments with moisture – like swimming or hiking – consider investing in either waterproof/dustproof hearing aids or special accessories to protect them against the elements. These can be a great way to keep your aids in great working order without slowing you down!

With warmer temperatures, chances are you’ll find that you are perspiring more. Whether you’re exercising or just sweating while you sit, it may be useful to invest in “hearing aid sweatbands.” These little sweatbands soak up sweat before they can trickle into your aids. Beware of excessive sweating can have an impact on their performance.

If your aids do become wet or damp, make sure to remove the batteries to allow your aid to dry out completely. Do not use a hair dryer, microwave, or oven to dry your hearing aids! These will do more than dry your hearing aids – they could permanently damage the electronic components. Instead, consider investing in a dehumidifying unit for your hearing aids.

Avoid Excessive Heat or Hot Environments

Hearing aids are electronic devices – and like all electronic devices, you’ll want to ensure that they do not overheat. Here in Portland, our summers do not get too oppressively hot. However, watch out for certain environments that could rise to high temperatures, such as the inside of your car, surfaces in your home near sunny windows, or outdoor patios. Avoid storing your hearing aids in these places, at all costs. If you are removing your hearing aids during the day, make sure they are placed in a dry, safe place in a cool environment. If you’re at the gym or a pool, try to store them in a locker.

Safe Storage for Your Hearing Aids

Summer time may bring your family members together for a reunion. These festivities may include children and pets. Be sure to keep your hearing aids out of reach, as they could pose a choking hazard for kids and animals. If you have overnight guests, be sure to store your hearing aids in a safe location, preferably in a drawer in your room. Avoid storing them in a communally used space, such as a family room or bathroom, as they may be knocked over accidentally. 

Maintenance for Your Hearing Aids before Travel

Many of us go out of town for summer vacation. Make sure that you come visit us at Hearing Health in Portland before your trip! We’ll give you a tune-up and check to make sure your hearing aids are functioning in top form.

Prior to your trip, make sure that you have everything you need while you are away. If your hearing aids use traditional batteries, stock up on a healthy supply before you go – you never know if you’ll find them where you’re going! If you use a recharging station, make sure you have an adaptor on hand, just in case. Consider investing in a dehumidifying unit if you plan to travel to a humid place.

Here at Hearing Health, we offer a number of hearing aids designed for active lifestyles. The Siemens Aquaris is a fully water proof hearing aid, offering the best protection for moisture and debris. Other hearing aids by Oticon, Phonak, and Starkey, are designed with nano-coating, providing a protective layer against the elements. To learn more about these models, contact us at Hearing Health today!

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