The Benefits of Being Social for Older Americans

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Duane L. Smelser

Have you been feeling lonely, and struggling to be as social as you used to be? Older Americans may have a hard time staying socially active, and are more likely to experience feelings of social isolation, anxiety, and even depression. Entering retirement, losing a spouse, or struggling with hearing loss can make it harder to be social, and this has a negative impact on seniors’ overall health and wellbeing. There are a number of benefits of being social, and older Americans can enjoy a higher quality of life by being social.

The Benefits of Being Social for Older Americans

It can be hard to stay social as you age. You may struggle with mobility issues, and often choose to stay home rather than making the effort to go out. If you’re an older adult, prioritize being social, and improve your quality of life.

Older Americans who are being social are less likely to be depressed. Regular social contact improves overall mood, and helps seniors maintain their emotional health. Feeling more connected with family and friends gives you a greater sense of purpose, and you’ll be able to see how much your community values you.

When you’re social, you’ll also see a lot of physical benefits. Seniors who are more active have healthier hearts, lower blood pressure, and a strong immune system. Social seniors maintain their independence longer, and enjoy greater physical health.

Being social is also good for your brain. Interacting with friends and loved ones keeps your mind active, and helps you maintain your cognitive function. Older adults who are social have a lower risk of dementia, and enjoy greater overall health and wellbeing.

Ways to Be More Social

Are you having a hard time being social? As you get older it can be hard to find ways to stay socially active, and you may find yourself staying home more and more often. Now is the perfect time to find new ways of being social, both online and in your community.

  • Babysitting: If you have grandchildren, or know anyone who needs childcare, you can offer to watch the kids once or twice a week. Looking after the little ones will keep you busy, and it’s a great way to be more social at home.
  • Connecting online: There are lots of ways to socialize online, and you can spend some time online to stay social. You can use social media to talk to your friends and family, and have a video chat with loved one across the country. You can join an online book club to talk about what you’re reading, or attend online meetings or classes to meet new people who share your interests.
  • Find a club: You can find people who enjoy the same hobbies by finding a club. If you read, knit, golf, bake, or walk the dog, you can find a club and enjoy being social with other seniors in your community.
  • Find a fitness class: Another way to be social and stay in shape is to find a fitness class for seniors. You’ll be able to meet new friends, and stay active all at the same time.

There are many more ways of being social, and you can find lots of programs in your community to motivate you to be more social.

Being Social with Hearing Aids

Do you have hearing loss? If you’ve been struggling to hear, it’s hard to be social or meet new people. You may feel embarrassed when asking someone to repeat themselves, or be afraid to answer a question because you didn’t quite hear what was asked. Even when you’re with family and friends, your hearing loss makes it harder to connect. Older Americans with hearing loss often stay at home rather than socializing, and risk higher rates of anxiety and depression.

Being social starts with a great pair of hearing aids! Hearing aids can help you hear in every situation, whether with a walking club in the park, or meeting friends for a cup of coffee. Speech enhancement programs and noise reduction settings will make it easy for you to follow conversations. When you can hear exactly what’s being said, you’ll have a great time being social, and get all the mental, emotional, and physical benefits of being social.

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