Tips for Watching TV with Hearing Aids

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Duane L. Smelser

Approximately 48 million Americans have hearing loss. People of all ages struggle to follow conversations and have a hard time hearing the sounds in their environment. Hearing loss also makes it harder to hear the TV. You’re not the only one turning up the volume to try to hear clearly, so here are some tips for watching TV with hearing aids.

Don’t Turn Up the Volume

Your first solution when you have trouble hearing the TV is to turn up the volume. This isn’t necessarily a good idea. Your family members can’t watch TV with you, and they may complain that even from another room the TV is far too loud. Turning up the volume not only disturbs your family, it can also distort the TV sound, and make it even harder to hear what’s being said. Turning up the volume may make action scenes painfully loud, and not actually help you hear the dialogue.

Quality Speakers

When it comes to watching TV with hearing aids, having quality speakers can help you hear clearly. Adding speakers to your TV system can amplify sounds more clearly, and you can even get a surround sound system to enjoy better sound. Using speakers rather than the TV sound system can make it easier to watch TV with hearing aids.

Wireless Headphones

A great way to hear the TV easily is with wireless TV headphones. This assistive listening device is designed for watching TV, and it will stream audio from the TV right to your headphones. These simple devices have a transmitter that plugs into your TV and uses wirelessly technology to stream the audio to your headphones. You have controls that let you set the volume for the headphones, and even adjust the tone of the sound to help you hear clearly. These headphones can fit over your hearing aids, so you can use the headphones without taking out your hearing aids.

You can even get a transmitter base that can send audio to several headsets at the same time. If you and your spouse both have hearing aids, you can watch TV together and each control the sound streaming to your own headphones.

Bluetooth Hearing Aids

Some hearing aids can connect directly to the TV using Bluetooth technology. Your hearing aids can tap into the TV sound system, and send this audio right to your hearing aids. The hearing aids work like wireless headphones, and you’ll hear all the audio right in your ears without turning up the volume. For some TVs, you may need to get a small streaming box to plug into the TV that will send the audio to your hearing devices.

Another great thing about hearing aids with Bluetooth functionality is that you can easily watch TV with your family and friends. The TV audio will still play in the room, as well as transmitting to your hearing aids. Using an app on your smartphone or tablet, you can control the volume in your hearing aids, and adjust your personal volume to help you hear clearly.

Turn on Closed Captioning

When it comes to watching TV with hearing aids, sometimes the best solution is to turn on closed captioning. When you can read everything that’s being said, you can easily follow conversations on screen without straining to hear. You won’t need to turn up the volume to unsafe levels, or struggle to hear during a quiet scene. All TVs have closed captioning settings. You can find a CC button on your remote that will turn on the subtitles, or you can enable closed captioning from the settings menu.

Watching TV with Hearing Aids

If you have hearing loss, a quality pair of hearing aids can help you hear in many situations. You’ll be able to hear clearly at work, and easily follow conversations with your loved ones. Hearing aids also make it easier to hear the TV. Hearing aids reduce background noise, so you won’t be distracted by other noises in the house. Hearing aids also help you focus on sounds in front of you, so your hearing aids will amplify the sounds coming from your TV. Hearing aids can help make speech easy to understand, and enable you to hear every word of your favorite TV show.

If you’ve been turning up that TV volume to maximum, contact us today to schedule an appointment for a hearing test! We look forward to helping you hear better.

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