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Testing, Correcting & Rehabilitating Hearing Loss

Hearing Aid Repair

At Hearing Health, we offer hearing aid repair services for all brands and models.  If you’re having problems with your hearing aids, bring them into our Portland hearing aid specialists and we can determine the problem and work to fix it right away!

Hearing aids not working how they should? We can help.

Hearing aids are remarkable little pieces of technology that contain a lot of sophisticated electronic components. Naturally, some of those components can break down or stop working correctly as time goes by. Here at Hearing Health, we have repaired countless hearing aids of all brands and models over the years. If something goes wrong with your hearing aid, don’t worry, chances are that we have repaired the same problem before. We can perform any hearing aid repair, from the mundane to the complex. One common problem that we see is hearing aids that are not properly cleaned. Ear wax can accumulate in a hearing aid to the point where the aid will stop working correctly. We have the professional tools to thoroughly clean your hearing aid inside and out.


If your hearing aid is producing no sound or sound that is distorted, it could be a problem with the battery. We can carefully examine the battery to determine if it needs to be replaced or cleaned. Basically, if your hearing aid isn’t functioning up to par, you can bring it to us and we will quickly find and fix the problem. If your hearing aid is beyond repair, we also can set you up with a brand new one. We carry the largest selection of hearing aids Portland has to offer, so you are guaranteed to find one that works for you. We can even administer a comprehensive hearing test to accurately calculate your hearing needs.


Specialized Hearing Protection

Hearing loss is a very serious problem that affects the lives of about 48 million Americans. Many people are suffering from hearing loss, but they just don’t know it yet. It happens gradually over time and can be almost impossible to detect before it is too late. In today’s world of noisy traffic, loud concerts and raucous sports fans, it is more important than ever to protect your hearing. We are constantly surrounded by noise. From mowing the lawn to working on an assembly line, experiencing loud noise on a regular basis can really start to add up and will eventually result in hearing loss. At Hearing Health we understand the importance of protecting your ears. We are one of the most experienced hearing aid specialists in Portland, so give us a call if you want to enhance or protect your hearing.

You may think that very loud and sudden noises are the main cause of hearing loss, but in reality hearing loss usually develops gradually over time. Any prolonged exposure to sounds that are louder than about 85 decibels has the potential to damage your hearing. To put that in perspective, the average running lawn mower emits about 90 decibels of sound. Noise-induced hearing loss is permanent and tends to get worse over time, but it is completely preventable. Hearing Health is one of the most reliable hearing aid centers in Portland, and we carry an assortment of products that are designed to protect hearing for people who work or live in noisy environments. These people who are exposed to loud noise for long periods of time can benefit the most from hearing protection. We fit and sell customized ear plugs to musicians, hunters, factory workers and anyone else who is interested in preventing damage to their ears. Even if you are just interested in protecting your ears at a rock concert or a collegiate sporting event, we will be glad to set you up with hearing protection that is effective as well as comfortable. We carry hearing protection products from the top brands in the industry, such as Etymotic and Westone. We also provide comprehensive hearing testing in Portland, so if you aren’t sure if you have hearing loss or not, visit us for a hearing exam and find out for certain.

Hearing protection is valuable for so many people.

  • Musicians
  • Swimmers
  • Marksmen, Hunters & Woodsmen
  • Factory Workers & Law Enforcement
  • Weekend Warriors
  • Duck/Beaver Fans
  • Anyone who values their hearing.

Hearing Protection for Musicians

custom ear protection for musiciansHearing means everything to a musician. When you think about it, the ears are the most important piece of equipment that a musician has. A musician who is suffering from noise-induced hearing loss may show a decreased ability to listen to and identify musical tones, instrument or voice quality and the distortion of balance between musical instruments. Hearing loss can also lead to tinnitus, a condition that causes a constant buzzing or ringing sound in your ears. If the hearing loss is severe enough, it can force a musician to retire for good. There is no way to completely remedy permanent hearing loss, which is why it is so important for musicians to wear hearing protection. At Hearing Health, one of the best hearing aid centers Portlandhas to offer, we carry an impressive selection of hearing protection and other products that are designed to help prevent hearing loss.

The ears are an amazing and impressive set of organs. They give us the ability to translate and decipher between high and low pitch sounds, as well as loud and soft sounds. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take much sound to cause permanent hearing loss. If you are exposed to sounds greater than 85 decibels for long enough, you will experience some hearing loss. The higher the decibel level, the less time it will take for that sound to cause permanent damage to your hearing. Musicians are constantly exposed to loud noises at concerts and practice sessions, and most still opt not to wear hearing protection. Even listening to an iPod or MP-3 player at too high of a volume can cause damage. All musicians should be proactive about protecting their hearing. Whether it’s rock and roll, jazz, the blues, or classical, any music has the potential to cause hearing loss if it is played loud enough. Even classical music performances have been known to go over 120 decibels for sustained intervals, especially when a large orchestra is involved. At Hearing Health, we carry hearing protection products that are specifically designed to prevent hearing loss in musicians, such as custom-fitting ear plugs and headphones. A little hearing protection now can go a long way in prolonging your music career, so don’t take your ears for granted!

Hearing Protection for Gun Users

custom ear protection for huntersIt should go without saying, but shooting guns is a very noisy activity. All of those loud concussions going off right next to your ear add up over time and can cause significant hearing loss, even for the most casual gun users. However, despite the obvious risks of hearing loss, most gun users and hunters refuse to wear any form of hearing protection, especially the younger ones. They think that because they are young their ears can handle a few gun shots here and there, but that is not the case. Hearing loss can start at any age, and will only continue to get worse the more you shoot and the older you get. Hearing Health is a hearing aid center in Portland that offers a wide variety of innovative hearing protection equipment

Prolonged exposure to any sound that is louder than about 85 decibels can cause permanent hearing loss. When you shoot guns, you are exposed to sounds as loud as 140 to 180 decibels. Sounds that loud can cause immediate hearing loss. When you fire a rifle or a shotgun, the muzzle is placed right against your ear, which only makes the noise harder on your ears. Many hunters and other frequent gun users have reported experiencing permanent ringing in their ears after they fire their guns. If you fire a gun in a closed room, such as an indoor firing range, the sound of the gun can be amplified by bouncing off of the walls. If you aren’t wearing any kind of hearing protection in a firing range, it won’t take many sessions for you to start experiencing hearing loss. A lot of gun users, especially hunters, refuse to wear hearing protection because it limits their ability to listen for approaching game. At Hearing Health, we carry a number of products that are specifically designed to help prevent hearing loss for gun users. From earmuffs to electronic in-the-ear devices that know when to muffle sound and when not to, we are guaranteed to have a product that works for you. Hearing loss is not something to take lightly. If you don’t take the necessary precautions to protect your ears when you fire guns, then your ability to hear will slowly but surely deteriorate.

Hearing Protection for Factory Workers

Millions of Americans have jobs that involve working in noisy conditions. In fact, according to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, approximately 22 million Americans are exposed to dangerous noise levels on the job every year. Manufacturers and factory workers are exposed to more noise than any other job. Working around loud machinery all day can wreak havoc on your hearing, so it should come as no surprise that hearing loss is the most commonly reported illness amongst factory workers and manufacturers.

Hearing Health is a hearing aid specialist in Portland that is dedicated to helping people protect their hearing. We offer hearing aids, hearing aid repairs as well as an excellent selection of hearing protection products. If you work in the manufacturing industry, give us a call and get the quality hearing protection you need before it’s too late.

In just about any factory or manufacturing facility, you will find huge machines that consistently pump out noise at potentially damaging levels. While the background noise in a factory may not seem that loud, consistent exposure to any sound louder than 85 decibels can cause permanent damage. Factory workers are exposed to these sounds for at least eight hours a day and five days a week. All of that exposure to noise will really begin to take a toll on your hearing. Most factories and manufacturing facilities require their workers to wear hearing protection at all times when they are on the factory floor or assembly line, and many unions require their members to have their hearing tested at least once every year. Unfortunately, many of the workers still decide not to wear hearing protection or have their hearing tested regularly. At Hearing Health, we perform comprehensive hearing testing in Portland. We also carry a wide selection of hearing protection products, such as customized earplugs and earmuffs. Many factory workers need to communicate when they are on the factory floor, and earplugs can make that difficult and uncomfortable. That is why we carry a number of cutting edge hearing protection products that can allow you to have a conversation while simultaneously filtering out any damaging noise.

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Hearing Protection for Everyone

You may think that hearing loss is something that only happens to the elderly or people who work with loud machinery, but that is simply not the case. Hearing loss is a very common problem in the United States, and not just for gun users or factory workers. Even something as simple as mowing your lawn or sitting in the stands at a football game can significantly damage your hearing. From listening to music on your iPod to walking down in the street in heavy traffic, in today’s society we are constantly surrounded by loud noise. Hearing Health is a Portland hearing aid center that is committed to helping people preserve and enhance their hearing. We carry an assortment of hearing aids, earplugs and other hearing products from the top brands in the industry. We also conduct hearing tests in Portland, so come on by any time and we will be happy to help you.

Activities like mowing your lawn or listening to loud music may seem harmless, but over time they can cause gradual hearing loss. Losing your hearing is a slow but steady process. There is no pain involved, and most people who have hearing loss either don’t know it or are in denial about it. According to the National Institutes of Health, being exposed to a sound that is over 85 decibels for eight hours or longer can cause noise-induced hearing loss. For every three decibel increase in noise volume, the allowable exposure time is halved. For example, as I mentioned above, being exposed to an 85 decibel sound for eight hours or longer can cause damage. If you increase that noise level to 88 decibels, then it will only take four hours for it to cause hearing loss. The louder the noise, the less time you should be exposed to it. For example, if you were exposed to the loudest crowd roar in a sports stadium, which was registered at 137.6 decibels, you would only need to be exposed for about 30 seconds before you started to experience hearing loss. At Hearing Health, we carry a variety of hearing protection products that can safeguard your hearing while you are rocking out or enjoying a sporting event. We also carry some of the highest quality hearing aids in Portland.

Etymotic & Westone from $79 to $150


Siemens SecureEar – Only Digital Hearing device for Hunters that enhances hearing and protects your hearing from gunshots. $595 each or $1095 pair

Musicians Monitors

Only the finest – Etymotic & Westone – from $150 to $600

MP3 / iPod EarBuds for Kids – Protect your children’s hearing. Limited to 85db max. $39.95

Amplified and Digital Read-Out Phones

The State of Oregon provides FREE Assistive Phones to both hearing and Sight impaired people.  We have all the papers to apply for these free services.  We also have many assistive devices for sale.

Portland Hearing Aid Specialists

Hearing Health is a Portland hearing aid center that is passionate about preventing hearing loss. We know firsthand how debilitating and frustrating hearing loss can be, and we will work hard to improve your hearing and your quality of life. Contact us today for a free consultation!