Other Hearing Resources

Other Hearing Resources

Siemens Hearing Instruments http://hearing.siemens.com

Neurotone – LACE Listening and Communication Enhancement Program http://www.neurotone.com/

Westone – The in-ear experts http://www.westone.com/

Better Hearing Institute http://www.betterhearing.org/

International Hearing Society http://www.ihsinfo.org

Oregon Hearing Society http://www.ohsinc.org/

Elders in Action http://www.eldersaction.org/

Second Wind Dreams http://www.secondwind.org/

SCORE – Counselors to America’s Small Business http://www.scorepdx.org/

The AGS Foundation for Health in Aging http://www.healthinaging.org/

Insider Medicine http://www.insidermedicine.com

Other Resources for Seniors

Drugwatch.com is dedicated to providing seniors with information on dangerous medications and to provide resources to help if they have been injured by these medications.  http://www.drugwatch.com/seniors/