Hearing Health Reviews

What People Are Saying About Us

“I have used hearing aids for two years and I can say that Duane is a dedicated and knowledgeable expert in his field who provides a much higher level of service than the other provider that I had been using. He performed hearing tests that they did not, using facilities that they did not have. He kept me informed at every step throughout the process, telling me what action he was taking and why. He discussed my personal situation with me, making the effort to understand how I use my ears, and then adjusted the aids accordingly – I am a consultant and spend a large portion of each day in conversation with clients in a range of environments so it is vital that I hear and understand them clearly; I enjoy hiking, theatre and the symphony which are activities where hearing is integral to my enjoyment of them. I was very pleased with the results when I got my aids two years ago; I am even more pleased with them after the adjustments that Duane made. I hear and distinguish sounds that I had forgotten. It has been so long since I heard them that I was no longer aware of not being able to hear them. I had accepted a much reduced level of hearing as normal, but not anymore. It is as though my ability to hear has been reborn. I am very satisfied.”

Michael D. – November 2011

“Duane is clearly committed to excellence in his work. He gave me a much more comprehensive exam than from my previous provider and explained my condition in a way that left me feeling at ease and confident that I was choosing the best way to protect my hearing. I highly recommend Duane.”

Scott S. – November 2011

“Duane is by far one of the best hearing instruments specialists and businessmen I’ve worked with. His professionalism, knowledge of the hearing aid industry and integrity make it always a pleasure to work with him. I highly recommend his work and partnering with him and Hearing Health.” 

Nadia G. – November 2011

“I first met Duane Smelser over 20 years ago at a corporation where we both worked. Recently I had a hearing evaluation at his company, Hearing Health. Duane is warm, attentive, and pays extraordinary attention to detail. The experience was enjoyable and service impeccable.”

Judith A – November 2011

“I am the office manager at a Senior Living Facility in Portland. I recently had the opportunity to attend a presentation on hearing loss and how it affects people’s lives by Duane Smelser, MA. I found Duane to be knowledgeable, concise and enjoyable to listen to.

Duane created a safe and fun environment for people to ask questions that are sometimes difficult to ask, and displayed a level of understanding and sensitivity for people that is rare among health care professionals.

He stayed afterward to answer our questions and made himself available for those who wanted a private consultation.

I highly recommend Duane to any senior living facility interested in educating the residents and staff on hearing loss, it’s impact on people and straight answers on the various options for getting help.”

Kristan S. –September 2004

“Diversified Marine, Inc. takes pride in keeping up to date and informed on safety issues. Once a month, a company safety meeting is held for all our employees. Today a presentation was given by Duane Smelser, MA on the importance of using ear protection to prevent hearing loss. Duane was very knowledgeable and able to show the anatomy of the ear using a drawing and explained how the ear functions using layman’s terms everyone could relate to. He also showed a picture of an audiogram and explained how the test is important in establishing a baseline for any future hearing loss.  Duane captivated everyone’s interest and was able to answer everyone’s questions with expertise and professionalism.

I would highly recommend Duane Smelser as a confident and knowledgeable speaker for the subject of hearing loss.” 

Pamela L. –June 2004

“I am the Client Services Coordinator for the Tualatin, Tigard, Sherwood Senior Centers. I recently had the opportunity to sit in on a presentation done by Duane Smelser, MA at the Tualatin Senior Center. I found him to be knowledgeable, concise, and perceptive.

I meet with approximately 300 seniors a year and of course, many of them are hearing impaired. I have discovered there are many barriers to them requesting services in this area. I was able to ask questions during the class time and he made himself available to me following the class and over the phone later. We continue to problem solve around some individuals and I appreciate his availability to me and the people with whom I work.

If you have the opportunity to utilize Duane individually or in your organization, I would recommend him to you.” 

Carla C. –August 2004

“We have worked with many Hearing Instrument Specialists since we opened Encore Senior Village in 1998, however tour resident’s always seemed to be at the bottom of their priority list. Then Duane Smelser came in to help, and what a blessing he has been to our community. Every time we call with a problem, he comes as soon as possible. His sincere and caring attitude towards our residents is very difficult to find, not to mention the great knowledge he possesses of hearing aids. He’s made himself available for In-Service Trainings to teach our caregivers proper care and handling of hearing aids.

Everything Duane does here is over and above what’s expected. He’s not afraid to go the extra mile if it means helping someone in need. We have every confidence that this will be a long lasting relationship and we look forward to working with Duane each time he visits us. We also thank you Duane for the quality of life that you are giving back to the people in this community. It means so much to all of us.”  

-Loretta S. –August 2005

“I am writing at the request of my Mother who recently purchased hearing aids near her home in New Jersey. In early September she came to visit me in Portland. At that time she was very frustrated with her new hearing aids and asked if I could find someone in Portland who’d be able to adjust them. I “Googled” and found the wonderful Hearing Instrument Specialist, Duane Smelser.

My Mother is insistent on me telling you how wonderful, sympathetic, kind, gentle, professional, and knowledgeable Mr. Smelser was in caring for her. He re-fitted her and did all the necessary testing to see that she was satisfied with her hearing aids. She had already determined that she would give back the original hearing aids upon returning to New Jersey. Duane saved the day for that company. We realize that he did this with no expectation of monetary gain and on a day he normally did not work. What a guy!”  

-Cathy B.–September 2005