Rexton Hearing Aids Portland Oregon

Rexton Hearing Aids Portland Oregon

For more than a half of a century, Rexton has been working closely with hearing health professionals and people suffering from hearing loss to develop a unique line of products for all stages of hearing loss. Whether a person has mild, moderate or severe hearing loss, Rexton has a product that can help bring natural sound back into their lives.

From behind-the-ear hearing aids to completely-in-the-canal hearing aids, Rexton produces devices in a wide range of styles. Their long lasting, high performance hearing aids are unmatched in quality, and they have the ability to connect to all kinds of wireless devices. Rexton products also use the powerful TwinCore technology, which produces a signal processing resolution that is twice as high as the majority of hearing devices on the market.

Rexton also produces an array of hearing aid accessories. With their powerful and reliable charger, you will never have to worry about your hearing aid batteries running out of juice unexpectedly. They also offer a variety of Bluetooth wireless connectivity devices that allow you to plug in and listen to your TV, stereo, phone and other electronic devices.

At Hearing Health, we are the most trusted provider of Rexton hearing aids and accessories in the Portland, Tigard, Beaverton and Raleigh Hills areas. Our friendly staff of hearing health specialists will help you find the hearing aid that suits you best.  Contact us today for more information!


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