Siemens Hearing Aids Portland Oregon

Siemens Hearing Aids Portland, Oregon

We believe Siemens is currently the world leader in both quality and technology for most applications.  We work with people to find the right hearing aids for their degree of hearing loss, lifestyle and budget.


With the rapid advancement of technology, it’s possible to get very good instruments at a cost anyone can afford.

In 2014, Siemens introduced the Binax platform to the market. In doing so, Siemens created the first hearing system that was clinically proven to outperform normal hearing in noisy environments. At Hearing Health, our patients have enjoyed the advanced technology that Binax has provided them and it has become one of our most popular product choices.

At HeSiemens-Hearing-Aidsaring Health, we offer many brands of hearing aids.  In our experience, Siemens hearing aids have shown the best results and are known as the world leader in technology and overall quality.

Siemens offers a variety of hearing products which give you options that fit your lifestyle, degree of hearing loss and cosmetic preferences.  Each one of our clients is different, so it’s important to us to make sure their hearing aid is going to be perfect for every individual.

Whether you have mild or profound hearing loss, Siemens Behind-the-Ear hearing aids have many options that we can use to personalize for each patient.  There are many styles which include miniature BTEs to larger high-powered hearing aids.

Siemens also has a wide range of In-the-Ear hearing aid options.  These custom hearing aids are manufactured to fit your individual ear.  We offer invisible in-the-canal hearing aids, which fit directly in the ear canal, as well as full-shell hearing aids which fit in the outer ear.

We are the top Siemens hearing aid specialist in the Beaverton, Portland, Tigard and Raleigh Hills areas.  Contact us today to see what Siemens hearing aids would be the best fit, and to set up an appointment with our hearing aid specialist.

Siemens Binax

With 130 years of experience, it is no wonder that Siemens has produced “the world’s first technology that outperforms normal hearing in challenging environments.”

Inspired by healthy auditory systems, the Binax hearing aid collection mirrors binaural hearing (that of two ears) and features directional microphones to ensure that you experience the rich tapestry of sound in your surroundings. With five different models to choose from, Siemens offers a range of options to fit specific hearing needs, including tinnitus therapy and apps that allow hearers to hone in sounds they want to amplify.

In addition to High Definition Sound Resolution (HDSR) and e2e wireless 3.0, the Binax platform now has Ocean Wave therapy signals for tinnitus sufferers. The system also creates a virtual 8 microphone network, capable of improving signal-to-noise ratio for better hearing in complex listening environments.


Binax is available in the following styles;

  • Ace Binax
  • Pure Binax
  • Carat Binax
  • Insio Binax
  • Motion Binax

Ace Binax

The Ace Binax is the smallest behind-the-ear receiver-in-canal (RIC) hearing aid of this series, with its discreet design as its most attractive feature, especially for first-time wearers. The plastic housing that sits on the back of the ear measures approximately 2cm, with interchangeable colors depending on wearer preference.


The Ace Binax also offers tinnitus therapy with ocean waves sound, as well as a wireless remote controlled program that allows the wearer to adjust settings and volume with ease.

Pure Binax

At 2.5cm, the Pure Binax is the next smallest behind-the-ear RIC model, boasting binaural hearing technology and rechargeable battery. Along with tinnitus therapy programming, the Pure Binax includes a telecoil, which allows wearers to connect to induction loop systems in public venues, feeding live sound from PAs directly to their hearing aids.

For people on the move, many major cities offer hearing loops at public transportation sites and airports as well. Wearers of the Pure Binax may adjust volume and program via wireless remote or directly on the plastic casing that houses the electronic components. The Pure Binax has been proven to perform better than normal hearing in loud environments and has a long battery life.

Carat Binax

The Carat Binax comes in two models: Carat and Carat A; the former is approximately 3 cm in size and has a rechargeable battery while the latter measures 3.5 cm and has a standard battery compartment. With wireless connectivity that enables binaural hearing, the Carat Binax models have both been proven to outperform normal hearing in difficult listening situations.

As a behind-the-ear RIC hearing aid, the Carat Binax offers a range of receiver sizes, as well as a telecoil feature and tinnitus therapy. Wearers of the Carat Binax are able to control programs and volume using the easyTek or touchControl apps.

Insio Binax

The Insio Binax is an in-the-ear (ITE) hearing aid and comes in four different models: invisible in canal (IIC), completely in canal (CIC), in the canal (ITC), and a standard ITE (with the faceplate resting on the cochlear). The Insio is innovative in its design as the first ITE series of hearing aids which offer binaural hearing technology.

The Insio Binax features high-powered microphones that enhance natural hearing, as well as tinnitus therapy and wireless control via apps on your electronic devices. The ability to control volume and programming using your smartphone is a remarkable development for ITE hearing aid wears, allowing for ease of operation. Measuring a little over 1cm, the Insio is small, but incredibly powerful.

Motion Binax

True to its name, the Motion Binax model is the sleekest of the behind-the-ear hearing aids of this series, with its new design attractive to those who lead active lifestyles. The Motion Binax is outfitted with an e-charger that dehumidifies and recharges battery overnight, while its long battery life lasts through the day.

Its new design also includes an ultra-thin tube for the receiver, which offers ease of insertion into the ear canal. Controllable wirelessly with apps on your smart devices, the Motion Binax is flexible and easy to use, with binaural capabilities and tinnitus therapy.