Starkey Hearing Aids Portland Oregon

Starkey Hearing Aids Portland Oregon

Starkey Muse – Made for Life Hearing Aid

Wearable hearing devices can significantly improve the lives of those who suffer from all levels of hearing loss, and thanks to recent technological innovations, wearing an aid can be something that is not just a necessity, but also a convenient and enjoyable part of daily life. Muse – recently introduced by Starkey – is a full line of hearing devices that combine the best new technologies to offer a premium hearing experience to wearers. Notable features of this line include high definition audio, multi-faceted wireless connectivity, improved durability, and a rich and nuanced sound delivery system. The Muse line is available in many different styles and models to suit a wide variety of aesthetic preferences and levels of hearing loss.

Starkey Halo – Made for iPhone Hearing Aid

Starkey Halo PortlandStarkey Halo hearing aids connect directly to your iOS device. This allows you to stream your music, video and phone calls directly to your hearing aids. Starkey Halo hearing aids work well with iPhones, iPads, iPods and the new Apple Watch.

In addition to working with the best smartphones on the market, these hearing devices also implement standard features like feedback cancellation, adaptive noise reduction and directional microphones.

The Halo hearing aid from Starkey showcases decades of excellent hearing aid design and production experience. Made for iPhone compatibility, the Halo streams sound from calls and media from your device directly into your ear. Coupled with this new technology, you can download a free app called TruLink for your iPhone (or Android), which allows you to customize the volumes and tones of sounds delivered to your hearing aid, through a wireless connection.

TruLink also features a program called SoundSpace, which turns your Apple device into a sound adjustment tool for more specific control of sound preference, “using 64 hearing aid parameters in real time to match specific environments.” The TruLink app uses geotagging to store your preferences in places you’ve visited, providing you a seamless transition between the various spaces that you frequent. With Halo’s new design, Starkey has eliminated the distracting noises of buzzing and whistling, providing a crisp, clean sound for the wearer, even in loud environments.


Additionally, the Halo has been designed to improve audibility for higher frequency sounds, such as women’s and children’s voices. Starkey’s Halo is nano-coated in HydraShield for better protection from water and debris. With behind-the-ear and receiver-in-canal options, the Halo fits diverse lifestyle needs.