Starkey Muse Portland Oregon

Starkey Muse Portland Oregon

Wearable hearing devices can significantly improve the lives of those who suffer from all levels of hearing loss, and thanks to recent technological innovations, wearing an aid can be something that is not just a necessity, but also a convenient and enjoyable part of daily life. Muse – recently introduced by Starkey – is a full line of hearing devices that combine the best new technologies to offer a premium hearing experience to wearers. Notable features of this line include high definition audio, multi-faceted wireless connectivity, improved durability, and a rich and nuanced sound delivery system. The Muse line is available in many different styles and models to suit a wide variety of aesthetic preferences and levels of hearing loss.

Comfort and Durability

Muse hearing devices have been designed to provide the wearer with exceptional comfort in a variety of complex listening environments. Equipped with the powerful Synergy operating platform and highly flexible Acuity OS system, these devices can classify and adapt to multiple sounds simultaneously, while still processing every sound uniquely. The result is a listening experience that is comfortable and distortion-free for loud sounds, crystal clear for soft sounds, and rich and precise overall. For first time hearing aid wearers, Muse devices offer the added benefit of easing the transition to wearing an aid by adjusting settings gradually, giving the brain a chance to adapt to new sounds. The Muse line also features enhanced durability in the form of Surface NanoShield, a water, wax, and moisture repellent system that serves to greatly increase the longevity of the device and lessen the need for maintenance and repairs.

Increased Wireless Options

Many benefits of Muse hearing devices come in the form of increased wireless connection and audio-streaming capabilities. Making use of Starkey’s 900sync wireless technology, Muse hearing aids offer consistent and clear ear-to-ear streaming, allowing wearers to stream phone calls to both ears, which can greatly ease understanding over the phone. In addition, Starkey’s new wireless CROS and BiCROS solutions provide high-quality audio streaming of many different kinds of media– allowing patients with hearing loss in one or both ears to hear TV, music, and more with crystal clear sound and no distortion. Muse devices can also connect to Starkey’s versatile SurfLink Mobile 2- a hands-free cell phone transmitter, hearing aid remote, media streamer, and assistive listening device. Wearers of Muse hearing aids will be able to link their hearing aids directly to their phones or other Bluetooth-enabled device without wearing any other devices.

The Muse and Music

The Muse line of hearing devices are especially suited to those looking for high-definition music enjoyment. They feature an increased wireless streaming range (double the range of previous models) and have been designed with a focus on increased music audibility and on-demand and automatic control of music settings. With Starkey’s Muse devices, wearers will be able to hear music the way it is meant to be heard, without missing out on any of the rich and complex tones that make music great.