Tinnitus: Truth & Fiction

Tinnitus: Truth & Fiction

Tinnitus can sound very different to different people. It’s estimated that over 50 million people in America experience some form of Tinnitus. Of those, only 20% experience debilitating effects from it. Most learn to live with it.

There are many people out to separate you from your money in your hope for relief or a cure. Fortunately for those in Portland, Oregon, the world headquarters for Tinnitus research is located inside Oregon Health Sciences University and the Veteran’s Administration Hospital. So, if you want to know the truth about what can and cannot be done for Tinnitus treatment, you don’t have to go very far.

Here’s the truth according to the foremost experts:

Despite the claims of internet marketers, and some alternative healthcare providers, there’s no sure fire cure at this time, and there’s no guaranteed way to get relief from it.

Some report their Tinnitus is lessened or no longer present when they:

  1. Corrected their hearing loss with hearing aids
  2. Avoided medications and substances that can cause Tinnitus (i.e. aspirin, tobacco and coffee to name just a few)
  3. Began eating healthier foods.
  4. Lowered stress in their life.

Reduce or eliminate Tinnitus by changing the way you live your life

  1. Practice relaxation/meditation techniques.
  2. Identify and let go of views/beliefs that lead to your experience of stress.
  3. Listen to soothing sounds that hide your Tinnitus.  Special pillows, eye masks, etc. provide a variety of soothing sounds to help you sleep.
  4. Several quality hearing aids have soothing sound technology.

Get a hearing evaluation to see if treating a hearing loss can help while enhancing other aspects of your life.